For the past 7 years the key objective of the Vancouver Estate Planning Conference Committee has been to find engaging speakers to address the issues that are most pressing to lawyers, accountants, investment advisors and other estate planning professionals, but this year we would really appreciate some help from our colleagues and conference participants to achieve this objective.

We invite you to offer your suggestions for potential topics and/or speakers for this years’ event.

We have listed a few topics to get the conversation going and look forward to hearing the issues that you would like analyzed and explained at this years’ conference.

We encourage you to submit your own ideas in the suggestion box provided below. 

When offering ideas for potential topics, you might want to consider the following:

  1. What issues do you think might be topical right now or soon coming?
  2. Has new legislation impacted you in some unexpected way?
  3. Are there any recent decisions that have impacted you as an Advisor?
  4. Has there been a ‘show stopper’ that might surprise your colleagues or needs to be further considered?
  5. Did you hear or can you suggest a great speaker?

The following is a list of TOPIC ideas that the Committee have come up with to date:

  1. New Tax Laws – Provincial, Federal and US
  2. Block Chain (Web 3.0) and new forms of assets that our clients may own
  3. Electronics, Ageing and Ethics
  4. Property Titles – what they can mean!

Please let us know if any or all of these topics would be of interest to you and add your own suggestions below.


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