Richard Weiland
Partner, Clark Wilson


Growing up working Saturdays and summers in the small business his father started, Richard experienced firsthand the things that are needed to keep a business going – Early mornings/Hard work /Keeping customers happy.

Today, with a legal practice focused on providing tax, trust and estate advice, Richard still draws on those early lessons, recognizing that he is dealing with people’s livelihoods and families. He works with our clients to define their family, business and tax objectives and to put a plan in place to see those intentions carried out.

The clients that Richard works with include Private business owners and their family members, Professional and lay trustees and executors seeking guidance on administration, Charities and non-profits

Tax, trusts and estates laws are complex and constantly changing. Richard works hard to stay abreast of the law as it changes. He enjoys translating the law’s shifting complexities into accessible information and practical advice. He strives to use clear and understandable language in his communication and documents, believing that legal jargon, “Olde English” and ancient Greek are almost never helpful to convey meaning in the 21st century.

Richard is a regular speaker on estates, trusts and tax matters, in the media, at professional seminars and private client events. He has also authored and contributed to a number of legal publications used by lawyers across British Columbia.